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Cookie_ Core
Cookie_ Core Пре 21 сат
Oml I thought you were joking about not playing monopoly but ig you werent lmao
Vinnie2_ Пре 21 сат
1:11 the sound he made 😆
Jessica Fors
Jessica Fors Пре 21 сат
Hey Wilbur I hope you see this I'm sorry for all the people who shame you or say thing I'm a big fan and get sad when I see it happen sorry about them
SynthTheRainwing Пре 21 сат
2:40 Wilbur is a car confirmed
Basia Kowalczyk
Basia Kowalczyk Пре 22 сата
The cow thing- like 12:00 mins? It's Polish and If u only knew that lyrics XDDD
mine_craftRPG12 _
mine_craftRPG12 _ Пре 22 сата
US english A.k.a. Shakespearean English A.k.a. Old English Pronounces it like [SALL-MEN] UK English A.k.a. english reformed less than 200 years ago A.k.a. the Newer english pronunciation Pronounces it like [Saa-Moan] Fun fact: the english used in many parts of the US (United States) as of today is the very same english used in europe during the time that Shakespeare was still alive, hence the name "Shakespearean English". We do use words from other languages in addition to our language though we do this in order to respect their culture & heritage and out of convenience, but the base language is still Shakespearean English. Examples of non-english words used in the US: Buffalo, Moose, Geese, Taco, Avocado, Pizza, Callazone, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Spaghetti, potato, restaurant, maize, vodka, grocery, etc. Some of these are used on a daily basis, some are not but the fact of the matter is that these words plus some others are NOT english but rather are just words we picked up out of convenience.
Aestich girl❤️🦋
Aestich girl❤️🦋 Пре 22 сата
I love this❤️❤️✨✨✨
Clouds Are Fluffy
Clouds Are Fluffy Пре 22 сата
Celeste Monson
Celeste Monson Пре 22 сата
he looks so adorkable when he admits he had never played uno before
Celeste Monson
Celeste Monson Пре 22 сата
my 19th birthday is coming up. I want to play a game with the DSMP members. That is my wish
Celeste Monson
Celeste Monson Пре 22 сата
Wilbur is so passive aggresive
Celeste Monson
Celeste Monson Пре 22 сата
I love how Niki is actually trying to play, while everyone else has disolved into chaos
God_Of_Animations Пре 22 сата
this manses an aries
Himiko Toga
Himiko Toga Пре 22 сата
Im sorry but i cant be the only one who saw someone in chat ask: "Are you gay?" It was near the beginning.
Violence is pog
Violence is pog Пре 22 сата
This hit different for me
Miriam_not_Found Пре 22 сата
I Love this song
Sqishy andslaphappy
Sqishy andslaphappy Пре 22 сата
Techno cuss pog
Creepergirl6789 Пре 22 сата
Bruh I really just started getting ready eyed because of a fish ;-;
Yuna Javidan
Yuna Javidan Пре 22 сата
Internet ruined me too
Muted_Cow Пре 22 сата
Notice the diamond block was seen once xD
• Wendy Wini •
• Wendy Wini • Пре 22 сата
MOONlite Gamer_girl
MOONlite Gamer_girl Пре 23 сата
Wilbur: fu*ing Canada fu*ing Canada who care who cares you know I don’t care Me who loves Canada: I do I care! Canada is awesome (my opinion of Canada is that Canada is great incase you wondering)
AmeB Пре 23 сата
Did he just read thai???????
mary grace
mary grace Пре 23 сата
just realized the jason derulo part is gone now, i'm in a state of sorrow
Sophiespies Пре 23 сата
Me having my Russian flag outside my window even tho I live in Germany just to mess with Wil :)
Winter Dunnahoo
Winter Dunnahoo Пре 23 сата
Has any one noticed the words they are typing...XD
Alex O’Connell
Alex O’Connell Пре 23 сата
00:13 as an Irish person, I can say we definitely swear more than a lot of people say BUT WE.ARE.NOT.OBSESSED.WITH. POTATOES Everything else is true tho
Alma Pettersson
Alma Pettersson Пре 23 сата
dansa med oss klappa era händer gör som vi gör ta några steg åt vänster
Lisa Minten
Lisa Minten Пре 23 сата
jokes on you I dont have a cat
Alejandro Bello
Alejandro Bello Пре 23 сата
"bienvenido ratas" XD es "bienvenidas ratas"
¿dope•-•sMae? Пре 23 сата
I just thought i saw 7 Harley Quinn ;-;
cookie the ghost
cookie the ghost Пре 23 сата
can you come to L.A. and become me teacher TwT
Sachiko Villareal
Sachiko Villareal Пре 23 сата
the teacher wants to kill us 9:59
Aylunina🦋 Пре 23 сата
WOW !??
guest guest
guest guest Пре дан
hey you remember im so cold!!!
1DFanGirl24 Пре дан
Just waiting for him to upload...
Ash Sarah
Ash Sarah Пре дан
3:27 me: *gasp* indonesia! 3:29 will : fuck its malaysia me: NO ITS INDONESIA WIL.😭🖐
Lytx._trash <3
Lytx._trash <3 Пре дан
you think when he was singing in the elevator the door closed like- like do you guys think that was not part of the script or smth?? cos he looked shocked when it happened
Random Weirdo
Random Weirdo Пре дан
His office in this vid reminds me of Danny’s old office (I am truly Greg, that’s just my name now) and I had left RStoolss to go be a bug (an ant, if you will) and bug my friends, and when I came back I was like “Why am I watching an old Danny video?” And I can’t tell you how off guard I was by Wilbur rising from the ground.
Kimmy Martin
Kimmy Martin Пре дан
This song is amazing! I love it:)
Confetti Пре дан
This is giving me nostalgia vibes IM CRYING
Sofia Kitekar 8D Roll no 37
Sofia Kitekar 8D Roll no 37 Пре дан
Nooo New milo 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kabir Singh
Kabir Singh Пре дан
Pravster76 Пре дан
3:40 Jason Derulo lol
Blake P
Blake P Пре дан
Cool intro LOLZ
Estebastian Пре дан
My keyboard's like my heart It shines in RGB and it's full of blood I don't know what is wrong with me But I'm scared, pissed off and lonely I have trouble speaking to women Unless they're 2D or high definition Spend all my time on social media This is the state that I'm in My Twitter feed's like my brain 'Cause I have it on dark mode Memorise everything she says So I can use it to guess her passcode She's beauty, she's grace She has a profile picture of her gorgeous face To try and get more sponsors To try and get more sponsors But why don't you care? I have spent the past ten years of my life Making you prepared You're political enough but not contrary Sexual enough but not enough to scare me Give me a reason not to be on my knees The internet has ruined me Look, I know I must sound insane But that's part of the package If she can't handle me at my worst She don't deserve my mental baggage I know you want six foot four But one foot more and I'd almost be tall enough To reach the high shelf, be your incel I think I might be a threat to myself A threat to myself But why does she run? When I'm monthly giving her 50 percent of my income It feels like my ideas of affection Are based around artificial perfection I just want to appease The internet has ruined me We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep on call together We used to sleep (together)
Dutch Van der Lian
Dutch Van der Lian Пре дан
The father behind the slaughter
That Internet Dude
That Internet Dude Пре дан
Compare how this ended to the Communism video, and you start to see the facts
Sleepy TheSloth
Sleepy TheSloth Пре дан
6:25 I’m getting some AOT vibes
YezaCartoonz Пре дан
Wilbur: makes a civilization or a nation also Wilbur: Blows it up anyways
Halina P
Halina P Пре дан
Wilbur why are you looking at Ph1lZa?
{Jade_ Chan}
{Jade_ Chan} Пре дан
24:22 this man is scary sometimes-
Jack Elow
Jack Elow Пре дан
I is it just me or I heard 'jason derulo'
GAMERLIETUVA_大 Camel Пре дан
14:33 god's like SIKE
SoK Пре дан
The broa
The Demon Follower
The Demon Follower Пре дан
Hm will er soot said suck it green boiiiiiiiiiii
Hi_im_hiiii Пре дан
That is my fav drink why u steal >:(
Succulent Skull
Succulent Skull Пре дан
omg I'm so sca red for those ants 😱
Guitarpic Player
Guitarpic Player Пре дан
When are you making a new video?
Angi Hannan
Angi Hannan Пре дан
I got hair for eyes
Angi Hannan
Angi Hannan Пре дан
Flanoop Пре дан
Things did not, in fact, get better.
Lina B
Lina B Пре дан
POV - You have been to one of those places
Athena Пре дан
20:18 ????
Kai Пре дан
0:22 nono square-
IconiccSyd Пре дан
I am certain he was drunk making this
『Preciøus』 Пре дан
Wilbur giggling is just the cutest thing ever 😭
Kian Salgado
Kian Salgado Пре дан
i'am 12.
{StrzxyDreamz} Пре дан
Kian Salgado
Kian Salgado Пре дан
i'am 12.
Buuds Пре дан
Me rewatching wilbur content :)
『Preciøus』 Пре дан
6:20 nEEd nap
Sese Mendoza
Sese Mendoza Пре дан
Apryllyne Charm T. Sanao
Apryllyne Charm T. Sanao Пре дан