Am I the Villain? (Dream SMP)

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Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot

Пре годину

for chaos.

for the union! for the revolution!
I'm never satisfied.

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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge, election edition. On the Dream SMP I go up against GeorgeNotFound, Dream, Quackity and jschlatt on Dream's Minecraft Server. We had lots of laughs but it was also very intense. This is a part of the Dream SMP Election and it is insane, fun and funny! POG CHAMP!

Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is against Quackity POG CHAMP!!!

The DreamSMP is a server created by the Dream Team on Minecraft. People usually just play regular survival Minecraft but I decided I wanted to create a geo-political war. Uh-oh.

Music used:
Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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Aigéan Пре годину
Okay I love that moment where he can’t help but smile because he just loves the role playing so much and the fact he can get to be a villan
Jake Bear
Jake Bear Пре годину
when dream joined, it was basically when the p.e coach joined the losing side.
leviachan_ Пре годину
I can’t express how happy it makes me when Wilbur breaks character to laugh at Schlatt’s jokes. What an absolute bean.
Amelia Green
Amelia Green Пре годину
Wilbur yelling: “IF WE CANT HAVE MANBERG, NO ONE CAN HAVE MANBERG” just lives rent free in my head
Silva Пре годину
Wilbur then: “If we win or lose, just remember that we are on the right side of history.”
Nathalie Alvarez
Nathalie Alvarez Пре годину
Tommy: “hand me that tnt”
Asia Zet
Asia Zet Пре годину
And Sadist sitting there taking notes be like:
symlees Пре годину
wilbur's acting is insane.
Salman Пре годину
Wilbur : "Tommy! Dream isn't our friend! He's only here because we're the enemy of his enemy!"
Potted Plant
Potted Plant Пре годину
sychiikoi Пре годину
every animatic: "am i the villain in this story" * super sad, super deep, makes you cry *
Bleumoon1 Пре годину
"YEAH DADDY DREAM- oh wait- no-" is my favorite part of this entire thing
jinx Пре годину
them breaking character for a moment is so funny to me because its all serious and scary and then wilbur just goes "DADDY DREAAAM"
Bearman_18 Пре годину
I just love how morally complicated everyone is. There really is no good or bad side in this story. XD
Aace! Пре годину
“Then let’s be the bad guys..”
io or toby :D
io or toby :D Пре годину
"I'm tired, I don't think I give a shit"
Ironic Burgers
Ironic Burgers Пре годину
Showing the "Tommy Cam" was actually such a good idea, because it starts to also put us in his shoes. By showing the perspective of an opposing view on their actions, it gives us an anchor point for how to feel about Wilbur's actions. If we had just been given Wilbur's point of view, we might have been a little more inclined to agree with him, but showing Tommy's perspective helps ground us outside of his delusions.
Bread Bun
Bread Bun Пре годину
The editor is excellent, changed Will’s shirt to green when he impersonated Tubbo
CreativeCthulhu Пре годину
The fact that TOMMYINNIT is the angel on Wilbur's shoulder shows how crazy Wilbur is now.
Solemn10 Gaming
Solemn10 Gaming Пре годину
Technically speaking though, the election wasn’t a democratic process.
Turns out Tubbo is Cracked at Dodgeball
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